East London based Dubateers has and continues to produce some of the heaviest UK dub and reggae music to hit the streets. Dubateers firmly hold to their foundations as an 'underground sound', based on original rastafarian values.

Dub fans since 1993 they launched in 2004 with their first music, many of which have become anthems for some of the world’s most successful sound systems. This music consists of both release music and dubplate, often unadvertised or without name or reference in sessions.

First emerging in 2005 Dubateers firmly and quickly established themselves as an exciting UK dub outfit. The original crew known as 'The Dubateers' was established by 'Nick Dubateers', Ian 'Jah Waggys' & Glen 'Vibesmaster'.
Music is Dubateers main priority and those factual and truthful dub historians will recognise the dramatic change in sound that was coming out of Conscious Sounds around the 2004/5 period. This was as a direct result of Nick hiring the Conscious Sounds studio several days a week for over 5 years, bringing his own musical vision to life. David dubwise, known for his record distribution business, suggested Nick used the Conscious Sounds studio as the owner was thinking of giving up music all together. Dougie Wardrop was the owner of the studio, tucked away in the back of a tiny shop in Dalston. This was where Nick brought to life again the enthusiasm of the engineer Dougie and Dubateers began to service the little dub industry with a series of fresh new sounding digital music, drenched in 80's synths to classic roots tracks, a sole vision of Nick that sparked the beginning of a new influx of dub fans into the scene.
This period saw Dubateers create a reputable record label, with groundbreaking new styles of music, remixes from the likes of The Disciples to dubstep legend Skream, Dubateers have undoubtably inspired a completely new generation of dub producers and sound systems. Fueled not only by their prolific vinyl anthem releases, but also by adopting new approaches like the first dub music videos and a new focus on merchandise with an online t-shirt and dub shop! These were groundbreaking at the time and many objected to the new approach Dubateers had taken.

Dubateers spent a large part of their early years playing with most of the major uk sound systems and establishing one of the UK's most known specialist underground dub clubs 'The Dub Bunker'. Their unique lively 'freestyle' approach with selector and multiple singers and dj's relived a traditional style of sound system approach that was being completely overlooked at the time. Live pre amp mixing and new style production techniques meant that Dubateers challenged the definition of UK Dub, its production, and the sound generated live in the dancehall. Countries like France soon followed Dubateers intently and began to pick up on how they were exciting a previously flat scene. Dubateers in this period was also heavily supported by Iration Steppas and Jah Tubbys, with frequent rotation of Dubateers releases being played by UK legend Jah Shaka, who used to be very selective with his choice of music selection.

Unfortunately this created a lot of envy amongst the dub community and saw a hugely successful period come abruptly to an end in around 2011 when influential industry players sort to remove Dubateers from the scene and cover up the undoubted musical influence in that period, which sparked a huge revival
in the dub scene.

To date Dubateers has sold tens of thousands of the troubled vinyl format and continues to uphold the traditions of UK dub against all odds. Performances have been regularly made by Dubateers across most european destinations, on many occasions, in their busy schedule of home and abroad sessions, both advertised and underground. Dubateers have performed alongside many, if not most, of the major reggae acts and played to crowds in excess of 25,000! gaining valuable experience as a serious dub act.
Dubateers has a strong factual history of a decade of well known prolific releases of multiple albums and singles totalling in the region of 100+ singles. Dubateers has worked with legends and repeatedly brought through and exposed many new artists at the forefront of the scene. Dubateers have set themselves up for a long future in dub and reggae music, with a solid proven foundation.

Although now solely run as a completely independent outfit by original founder 'Nick Dubateers'. Dubateers have been very busy for the last few years, rebuilding a new studio to further many new production techniques for a planned prolific release period in the near future, and also the completion of a new sound system, completely designed and hand built by Nick himself.
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